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Welcome to Wesley Orthodontics, P.L.L.C.
At Wesley Orthodontics, we are committed to providing our patients with the finest and most comprehensive orthodontic care available today!  Patients and parents alike are consistently amazed with our ability to seat our patients for their appointments ON TIME, respecting that your time is as valuable as ours.  In addition, we are dedicated to making top-quality orthodontic care as cost effective as possible. 

Our website will help you to become acquainted with Dr. Robert K. Wesley, the staff and our office.  Great things are happening at Wesley Orthodontics and we couldn't be more pleased than to be able to share our success stories.  You will find information about scheduling a free orthodontic evaluation, starting braces, TMJ treatment, our affordable payment options, a registration form and several easy ways to contact us.

How is Wesley Orthodontics different from other orthodontic practices? 
That's easy!  Dr. Wesley, not his Assistants, treats every one of his patients, on every single visit taking great pride and satisfaction in the superior treatment he provides.  Our staff is highly trained, FRIENDLY and professional, always going out of their way to encourage patients to adhere to treatment recommendations.  And most importantly, we have MANY satisfied patients and parents who continue to refer their family and friends to us for their orthodontic needs!

Take a moment to get to know Dr. Robert Wesley and his staff, in our RICHMOND, MARYVILLE or our brand new GROSSE POINTE WOODS offices.  You will see for yourself why Wesley Orthodontics is growing by the day with satisfied, happy patients AND parents.

When Should My Child Be Evaluated?
The best time to have your child evaluated by an Orthodontist is by age seven.  Because they are in the process of losing baby teeth and on their way to gaining adult teeth, this is the best time to create a plan of action for the healthiest smile and occlusion.  An orthodontic evaluation is easy for the child and informative for parents.  When you arrive for your consultation, one of our friendly Assistants will take a panoramic radiograph (a full mouth x-ray) of the patient, followed by a comprehensive oral examination by Dr. Wesley.  When this is complete, Dr. Wesley will review the x-ray with the parents/patient and explain in detail his professional recommendations.  It's that easy!  Call us today to schedule YOUR free orthodontic evaluation.

Can Orthodontic Treatment REALLY Help my TMJ?
The answer...Absolutely YES!  T.M.J. stands for Temporal Mandibular Joint, which everyone has.  When you have pain associated with your T.M.J. it is called Temporal Mandibular Joint Disorder.  The most common signs of T.M.D. are clicking or popping noises in your jaw joints upon opening or closing, pain, grinding of your teeth and severe headaches.  What most people aren't aware of is that one of the main causes of T.M.D. are misaligned teeth. This can be easily corrected through a number of orthodontic methods, which will ultimately ease your pain and correct your misalignments.  For more information about T.M.D. orthodontic treatment, go to our page call TMJ Treatment by clicking on the underlined link or through the menu at the top of this page.

    Let Us Make You SMILE!

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